Improve All Aspects of Your Game

Our instructors will enhance and transform your game

Whether you're a professional golfer or new to the sport, developing your game is essential for playing your best. Cane Row Golf Club offer lessons from professional golfer Mr. Johnny Hargrave. You can make an appointment for lessons for any age and skill level. Mr. Hargrave will teach everything from the basics of golf all the way to advanced and professional techniques.

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Why take golf lessons from us?

Regardless of your knowledge or skill level, you can turn to our instructor for top-notch lessons. In addition to helping newcomers, lessons are great because:

  • They can help you pinpoint areas of improvement, such as your grip
  • They can help you improve your game once it plateaus
  • They can help you easily correct minor flaws that appear in your game over time

Reach out today to speak with a team member about scheduling lessons.